Summer Leases Available On Broad Beach Road, Malibu

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As we begin the first day of August, 2014, which is traditionally our busiest rental month of the year, we are still showing some of the best inventory available on Broad Beach Road, Malibu.  This featured home at 31202 Broad Beach, is asking $100,000 for the month of August, and is usually rented 3 to 6 months in advance. It sit on 90 feet of Broad Beach Road beach frontage, and has its own sports court/basketball court on the sand!

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Over the last several years short term rental companies like VRBO have changed the consumers expectations for how homes are rented on the beach. In 2006 it was very common place for Landlords to command 3 month summer minimums. In 2014 companies like VRBO are making homes available by the day, or at least creating that perception.   Some of Malibu’s best beach homes are still holding to the traditional one month minimum standards and for this summer at least, that is creating extra inventory for last minute planners. Broad Beach Road is on the northern, or western, end of Malibu, has clean water, good surf, amazing sunsets, and is off of Pacific Coast Highway, with easy parking, easy walking, and very little noise.

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The City of Malibu is starting to enforce a fee for leases that are less than 30 days of 12%. It is referred to at a “Transient Tax”. If you want to rent for less than 30 days, don’t be surprised if you are asked to pay this fee in addition to the rental charges.

Malibu Beach Rental 31202 Broadbeach Malibu Beach Basket Ball Court